Fire Flower Quilled Box

Fire Flower Box (9)

This box was my first attempt at this type of 3D project.  It is constructed of two colors of metallic vellum paper.  It measures 2-inches tall and 3-inches in diameter.

Fire Flower Box (15) Fire Flower Box (18)

Two weeks ago I was stuck and had no idea what project I was going to do next.  I spent my quilling time the prior day cleaning and organizing my paper.  I was thinking about doing a 3D project, maybe a bowl as that seemed the most basic for a beginner project.

I came home Friday night, opened my art closet and thought about what I was going to do next.  My eye caught on the wooden boxes I use in quilling projects and instantly knew I had to do a round red and black box.  I looked through my colors and decided on Metallic Vellum in Black Ore and Lava.

I still had no idea what this project was going to look like so I started cutting strips.  The first piece I made for this project was the center of the fire flower in the base.  I created this look when playing with the multi-strip swirls in prior projects.  I made the center and then created curved tear drop pieces for the flower petals.  At that point I still did not know what the rest of the base, sides or top was going to look like.

Fire Flower Box (1)-001

I moved on to create the sides.  I started by building the base of black ore strips for stability.  Next I played around with black ore and red lava sides.  Ultimately, I went with lava sides and three black ore fire flower centers staggered throughout the piece.

Fire Flower Box (2) Fire Flower Box (1)

After the sides were finished I went back to the base and decided to fill  in the area between the flower and the sides with black ore pieces.

Finally, I moved to the lid of the piece.  I started with a red lava center and then used black ore for the filler.  Randomly throughout the top I placed fire flower buds made of red lava paper.  I capped the lid with a domed black ore piece.  Then, for stability, I used clear coat sealer on the bottom of the base and the underside of the lid.

Fire Flower Box (3)

Fire Flower Box (4) Fire Flower Box (5)

This was my first 3D creation outside of the MST3K figures I made last year.  I really like how it turned out and am excited to try another similar project.

Fire Flower Box (9)  Fire Flower Box (10)

Fire Flower Box (11)

Fire Flower Box (8) Fire Flower Box (16)

Fire Flower Box (7)

Fire Flower Box (14) Fire Flower Box (13)

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